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Leadership at the JMAs "could change or rotate between bureaus in the JMAs," the notes said. (by air), affordable and with good community infrastructure." Birmingham, Ala., and Boise, Idaho, were specifically mentioned as "two good candidates." Ozman, who contributed to the meeting notes, said they "seemed to be accurate." He emphasized, however, that the information represented "a collection of informal notes that reflect the recollections" of those present at the meeting and are "not precise." Interior spokeswoman Heather Swift said the department didn't have "anything to announce on the reorg right now" in response to several questions about issues discussed during the Denver meeting with senior executives.

"They are looking to select two to three cities in each of the 13 regions which will compete to be site of the regional/JMA office," the meeting notes said. "The secretary plans to release his plan once everything has been finalized," Swift said.

The Denver notes, which jibe with much of what Zinke has said publicly so far about his reorganization plans, said President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence had approved Zinke's restructuring proposal centered around JMAs.

Lynn Scarlett, a former Interior Department deputy secretary and chief operating officer who also served as acting Interior secretary during the George W.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke reportedly has said Denver "will probably" become the headquarters for three major agencies within the department as part of an ambitious reorganization effort slated to get underway in fiscal 2019. Zinke provided an overview of his reorganization plans to the senior executives during a July 21 lunch, USGS spokesman Dave Ozman confirmed.

The idea is based on the military's joint command structure."I have some concerns," Heinrich said when asked about the reorganization.Udall, ranking member of the Senate Interior, Environment and Related Agencies Appropriations Subcommittee, said Zinke spoke in broad terms about the reorganization and did not offer "much in the way of details." Udall, who sent a letter to Zinke in June seeking information on how many career senior executives Interior reassigned, why the department relocated them and how much it will cost the government, said he's still waiting for specific information (, July 14). Agencies have to be as transparent as they possibly can with Congress, Kristine Simmons, vice president for government affairs at the nonprofit Partnership for Public Service, said during a forum last week on agency reform efforts.He told senior executives during the Denver meeting that shrinking the workforce would be achieved without layoffs, something he has said publicly before."Zinke believes the DOI organization is an upside-down pyramid — there are too many high-graded employees," the notes said.

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