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To everyone involved in the organization of the 2005 reunion; Congratulations on the success of the entire weekend.

I shall continue to take Dad to as many functions as I possibly can. I think that Calgary Branch has, by hosting this Reunion, strengthened the desire of many members to go back to their respective areas and encourage those that don't presently belong to the association, to become involved. I would also encourage you to read the comment of a former QOR just 5 messages below [D Conner} and the comments of the Webmaster and to challenge each one of us to get out and seek out former Riflemen to become part of this great Association. As I sit here on Monday morning attempting to fathom what happened to my body at the reunion, it had to be that last beer after the dinner. I can't wait until 2010 for our next one..past one will be hard to beat!! Willy Wilson In commemoration of the 61st anniversary of D-Day tomorrow, Dads step-granddaughter (lives in Paris) drove to Beny-sur-Mer Cemetery today to place flowers on QOR graves killed on D-Day. Wilkins, QOR D-Day Veteran - B Coy, First Wave) Wendy Wilkins-Cimicata Sorry I could not attend the reunion but Im sure everyone had a great time. If we don't know you are out there we cannot contact you. Ralph Pollon 1 Can Para..gave me his wings and armbands..him dearly...

I'm always looking to see if anything is coming up for the QOR in my area. Lenora Butler-Barber I knew the Queens Own when they were stationed in Eastbourne, Sussex, Eng in 1942, we had a restaurant and I also knew a lot at the dance hall, they were a great bunch, all young and full of fun, I cannot think that they would write such rubbish as some of the e-mails printed here, they would have been too busy chasing the girls and jiving all night to waste their time. I have a couple friends with QOR and I think this is the best regiment in Canada. Don't forget to join the branch of the QOR Association closest to you.

(which I visited last year 60 anniversay.) I am proud of my Dad and all the proud young men who have/are served/serving our country. Good luck on SG,'keep on doing the business, behind the scenes...noting like a little business with all the real time playas`. Spent 3 great years with 1st Bn QOR 8th Platoon C company and then HQ Co at Currie in Calgary from 1954-57. Just wanted to check in and let everyone know that all 3 of us are doing well out here on Op Athena, roto 4. Good luck in the summer training and see you after Xmas! Just wanted to say this is a great site and to keep up the good work. The sound of people singing "O Canada"at Beny was quite moving for me. I am going to forward the pictures to Wendy Wilkins-Cimicata for everyone to see. Wilkins, QOR D-DAY Veteran, B-Coy, First Wave) Bonnie Leclerc Greetings everyone: As you are no doubt aware, this is the Year of the Veteran and you can order one or two lapel pins by calling 1-800-443-0394.

Bernie Jaworsky Feb 26 2005 is the 60th anniversary of the death of the QOR's Aubrey Cosens who that day won the Victoria Cross. I am hoping that it is ok that I attend this reunion on behalf of my parents. Robert Vaughn I was born after the second world war (1954) and have a keen interest in Canadian and Canadian military history.

Enter his name in Google and see how this hero's name and deeds are commemorated. I will let them know about this reunion and encourage them to attend with me. The thing I miss most about the army is all of my very "old" friends. I'm the third generation of my family to serve in the USMC. I have been privileged to have been able to visit many of the sites of Canadian operations during both WWI and WWII in France Belgium etc.

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