Adult khaki cambell ducks

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Do you not note that often, even as with Bush, that Barbara is programmed to note that ..reason George appears different and weary is that he is getting very little rest as he must ponder .... Bush and beat his drum more loudly for all his pressures.No, the replica simply showed the deviations from the prior entity.They are comprised totally of physical matter manifested into what you perceive as physical coalition of these physical matter particles coalesced according to the DNA/RNA holographic blueprint whereby the re-creation will be a projection of that which is being copied at the time of replication.The most obvious clue to replication is that the new entity will always be fresh and more youthful than that which you will have seen just prior to replacement.This is why you must have control of all your media in order to pull off the subterfuge.

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You are willing victims of the lie and YOU will awaken or sleep onit is up to you.

Our commission is to outlay the Truth unto you YOURS IS TO CONFIRM AND ACKNOWLEDGEOR NOT, AS YOU WISH.

There are technical advances upon your planet, already in use by the Elite, which would boggle your sensesrobotoids are simplistic in relative comparison.

Then all that is required is down-loading of the memory data and programming of the manufactured entity.

I have spoken of this procedure prior to this and will not take precious time to repeat and repeat for those who simply do not wish to go back and effort at gaining the information.

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