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Review the section titled “Outstanding Documents for the Academic Year.” If you see the statement, “No Outstanding Documents at this Time,” then your application is complete.If supporting documents are still needed, you will see a message with instructions for submitting the outstanding documents, and the documents will be highlighted.If you did not provide an email on your application, please contact our office and we will mail you the number.

To be considered for state aid you must complete the online application for state aid, available at No exceptions are made to the application deadline for any reason. The first application deadline is March 1, five months after the application opens. There is only one application period for each academic year. If you have lost or forgotten your PIN, you may request it again.

If your PIN is correct and you still encounter problems, you will need to call the Office (1-800-327-2980 (toll-free in Mississippi) or 601-432-6997, option #5) to correct your Social Security Number or Date of Birth.

The process of making awards involved many steps and many players.

To request an Electronic Grade Verification, contact the financial aid office of the college where you will be attending and wish to receive aid (may be different than the college you last attended).

The college must submit the Electronic Grade Verification. The Office will not calculate GPAs, but will accept the GPA calculated by the college.

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