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If you head south–or to the right–you’ll catch the first of many climbing walls on the Barton Creek Greenbelt, Enclave, and great bouldering areas.If climbing is your thing, continue south and you’ll hit Seismic Wall.

If you head north on the trail–or left for those directionally-challenged–you’ll arrive at Campbell’s Hole, a popular swimming spot…when there’s water.From here, if you head about 1.2 miles south, you’ll come to the next access point.Special Note: This location is also considered the trailhead for the Violet Crown Trail, which shares the existing Barton Creek Greenbelt trail until about the 4-mile marker, where the trails diverge.There are multiple greenbelts in Austin, but the Barton Creek Greenbelt is so beloved that locals commonly refer to it as “the Greenbelt,” as if it were the only one.Located in south-central Austin, the Barton Creek Greenbelt contains 12.68 miles of gorgeous trails, with the main trail spanning about 7 miles.

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