Daddys rule to dating

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jin se yeon portrayed the difficult character in this drama she deserves to received awards than to bashed...I understand if you like the character of jin se yeon in this drama and her everlasting love to lee jong suk, I appreciated too the other good scenes in their love story and her being calmed but I don't like the wrong ideas of writer and director in the character that they assigned to jin se yeon.I love the efforts of jin se yeon in this drama to be honest, I'm not bored to her portrayal in this drama ,she is good but, like I said the problem to her character in this drama is not much pretty good, I hate the ideas they cut her hair in this drama, she is pretty match in long hair and I don't like her dual roles in this drama ..what??i luv Hoonie character, he's a gr8 doc and so sad of his dad in first epis who was used in order for the hospital to avoid him in testifying for a job gone bad so to speak! I don't know why people don't like Han Seung Hee character...I mean Song Jae Hee aka Han Seung Hee...thing is I really like her character....As a child, Park Hoon (Lee Jong-Suk) and his father were kidnapped by North Korea. Park Hoon begins to work as a doctor in South Korea's top hospital Myungwoo University Hospital, but he feels like a complete outsider.

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I come to watch it for Lee Jong Suk but end up liking Jin Seon Yeon and Park Hae Jin as well.Also I was afraid Jae Hee would not end up with Hoon, that made me suffocate. Why not make Kang So Ra his partner in the series??? the actors are only follow the rules of their leaders, but the writer and director here have failures mind they not careful for what their think, yeh..Best romance couple so far out of a 100 dramas I have seen. She was a much better match and the main one I didn't like her characher nor the's a shame that sometimes the producers choose the actress only based on popularity or other bad reasons...really disappointed in that,it ruined it for me Jin Se Yeon is good female lead to Lee Jong Suk :) no doubt I don't have problem for her acting, I'm touched in her sincere expressions, it means she's effective in my eyes, she can act, thanks I'm not bias and I appreciates the efforts of actors, I agree she is pretty calm hir, she is suits to Lee Jong Suk performance, I definitely agree but her role is weak sometimes, but she is not bad.. Jin Se Yeon is best and cute lead she is deserves a roles that was best for her. I still like Jae Hee/Seung Hee character here a lot..heehehee even when she may sound messy....Kang Sora is not bad but somehow I think she's a bit overrated lol...(I still prefer Seyeonnie personally)...anyway I suppose people have different opinions..anyone who has not seen it yet and don't mind a try you might like it as much as me...enjoy time [email protected] since you will interested to watch jin se yeon works, if you don't like tragedies dramas of her, try to watch her webbie drama, High End Crush and The Flower in Prison if you want to watch a good dramas to her, yes your really right..

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