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) An autograph letter of Berlioz (3 December 1853) An autograph letter of Berlioz () Berlioz and Paris (Comprehensive introduction to Berlioz’s career in Paris) Residential addresses (With links to pages dealing with all Berlioz’s domiciles in Paris) Major residential buildings and other locations: Berlioz’s home in Montmartre Berlioz’s home at 4 (Documented list of all the concerts of Berlioz in Paris in his lifetime) The Société Philharmonique, 1850-1851 (with Illustrations) La Société Philharmonique, 1850-1851 — textes et documents (in French) (Documented history of the concert society founded and run by Berlioz in 1850-1) The première of Les Troyens in 1863Hanover Hechingen Leipzig See also: Faust in Leipzig A Train Journey from Leipzig to Dresden in 1843 Löwenberg Mannheim Pesth/Budapest Prague Stuttgart Vienna See also: Berlioz and the Viennese Press, 1845-1846 Berlioz und die Wiener Presse, 1845-1846 Weimar See also: Goethe and Schiller in Weimar Berlioz’s Weimar in our time Berlioz and Russia: Friends and Acquaintances Berlioz: Voyage en Russie (1847) – Magasin des Demoiselles, XII, 1855-1856 (in the original French, with introduction in French and English) Octave Fouque: Berlioz en Russie (in French) Les Révolutionnaires de la musique (1882; chapter 2)Introduction Tables Chronology Images Search function Adèle Berlioz-Suat (123 letters) See also: Letters of the composer at the Hector Berlioz Museum - Chronological tables (in French, with introduction in English) Letters of the composer at the Hector Berlioz Museum - Dating (in French, with introduction in English) Letters of the composer’s family at the Bibliothèque nationale de France (28 letters from 1803 to 1858; all in French, except for the introduction) Berlioz: Pioneers and Champions: Introduction The Paris Conservatoire and Berlioz: 1869-1914 Berlioz’s operas in France, 1869-1914 Hans von Bülow David Cairns Édouard Colonne See also: Édouard Colonne: textes et documents (1) (in French) Édouard Colonne: textes et documents (2) (in French) Colin Davis Including: In Memoriam Sir Colin: Je ne vous verrai plus (in French) by Christian Wasselin Wilhelm Ganz See also: Wilhelm Ganz on Berlioz Charles Hallé See also: Charles Hallé on Berlioz Charles Lamoureux See also: Articles and reviews relating to Lamoureux’s concerts (in French)Hugh Macdonald Georges de Massougnes See also: Georges de Massougnes: BERLIOZ.SON ŒUVRE (1870)(in French) Auguste Morel See also: Auguste Morel and Berlioz (1869-1881) (in French) Auguste Morel: documents on his career (in French) Auguste Morel: 3 articles on Benvenuto Cellini (in French) Felix Mottl See also: Felix Mottl: textes et documents (introduction in English) Jules Pasdeloup Ernest Reyer See also: Ernest Reyer and Berlioz (Introduction in English and French) 26 articles by Ernest Reyer (in French) Julien Tiersot Julien Tiersot : Berlioziana (presentation in English) This page contains all the Berlioziana and other articles on Berlioz published by Tiersot in Le Ménestrel between 19 (127 in all).We were nominated as Steve Wright's Web Site of the Day (BBC Radio 2) and a year later we got the accolade again!As far as we know we're the only web site ever to have won the award twice.The table below maps out the contents of the site in detail.A separate page provides a short history of the site.

The Hector Berlioz Website is owned by Michel Austin and Monir Tayeb.

Through this site we hope to share and exchange information and news on Berlioz-related events with Berlioz’s admirers around the world.

We are most grateful to our friends and visitors for their support and look forward to enjoying their continued encouragement in the future.

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