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Within this discriminatory system, suppliers are forced to sell their goods and services for unjustly low prices, while end-consumers are made to buy those same goods and services for too much.

This leads to a systemic degradation of the quality of goods and services, unjustified increase of advertising and marketing costs in the end price of a product, hugely disproportional share of profits being appropriated by middlemen, and a marked decrease of real purchasing power of consumers' money.

Cryptaur is a decentralized Ethereum-based ecosystem that will act as a framework for potentially unlimited number of specialized P2P services (d Apps) whereby suppliers and consumers of a most diverse range of goods and services can interact directly while increasing the economic efficacy of all transactions being made within the ecosystem.

The unique features of the Cryptaur ecosystem include: The way goods and services are distributed today is archaic and inefficient.

His fields of interest are the oscillatory processes in biology, the theory of evolution, Chronobiology, and the history of science.

General Manager of Švenčionių Vaistažolės (Lithuania); General Manager of Acorus Calamus (Lithuania); Head of R&D department Vision DEM4 Laboratory (Lithuania), lector in Vilnius University MD, Lithuanian University of Health Science, Faculty of Medicine, International Executive MBA Roskilde University Denmark Chief Science Officer at SENS Research Foundation, a California-based charity dedicated to combating the aging process. Editor-in-Chief of Rejuvenation Research, the world’s highest-impact peer-reviewed journal focused on intervention in aging.

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Once you reach 25 Gold you can use the exchange to convert your Gold to Satoshi! Each friend you refer to play Satoshi Wars, you'll earn 10% of their completed missions payouts!He can think big, express his thoughts in right words and turn words into successful projects. MBA (Sheffield UK); Cornell University, Ithaca, USA); BA, University of West London.Before joining Cryptaur Irantha has served as Chief Executive Officer in various international holdings, having over 22 years of experience in 4 continents. D., Tech entrepreneur, Founder of Nordavind group of companies Smart-contract developer for Open,, Neuro Blockchain advisor for Digital video surveillance systems developer.He has been a true blockchain evangelist since 2012. Developer of health-related services ECG Dongle and Cardio Cloud.Author of many publications on cybersecurity, programming and smart-contracts.

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