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Is it worth buying or should I save up for something a bit better?I saw the Akai s5000 but that just looks super complicated and it will probably be really annoying to learn.As far as I'm concerned, the message boards I've read are pretty much useless when it comes to deciding what to buy, due to the difference in opinions.The only thing concrete that I've read is "if you got the cash, get Technics" but even that is becoming a debated point with the Vestaxs' being so good.For everyone buying DJ equipment for the first time..

I'm wanting to trade a set of seventeen inch silver polished advanti racing concept six wheels with decent shape kumho tires for a set of tables and a mixer. e-mail me if interested [email protected] I am going to start off djing and im thinking about buying DJ equipments for the first time. or if you guys can recommend me some setups, please do. I will recommend three boxes, from least to most expensive: a) Vestax PCV275 - great all around value mixer, about the best mixer you can get for around 0, IMHO.

but I have to admit I did like the feel of this for scratchin' a lot better...

it made it way easier b/c the grip was so much better on the platter. ) Has anybody (or possibly everybody :c) ever tried this, or use it all the time ? I tried a whole bunch of combinations between my slipmats, the rubber mats, and using the plastic "mat" under and between them in everyway I could look think of.

If that's your problem - just change to another input on your stereo and you're good.

If that's not it - Let me know more about your setup - where the mixer's signal is going and what signals you're feeding it. Drew Hi, I'm really interested in trying to play 'live'.

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