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Visually, the design drew from the hotel’s name, utilizing color, shape, and texture of materials to promote the notion of water and sand.Curvilinear sea green glass was introduced as an overlay of balcony rails and curtain-glass windows.Renovations of an existing office to a daycare facility for children, ages 0-5.In addition to the operational requirements for the daycare, design challenges inherent to altering the existing space included maintaining utilities located at the four interior structural columns which serve upper floors; the inclusion of a fenced, outdoor play area; and providing a drop-off area and a direct, controlled access to both the daycare and the outdoor play area.Serving as the central focal point for the site, the one-story activity center was designed to achieve compatibility with the independent residential units by integrating common exterior materials under a pitched roof.

The design of the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art reflects the “spirit” of the artform.

The Smith Island Center was commissioned for both the tourist industry as an orientation to island life during the summer months and as a social hall for the islanders at all times.

The setting of the Center, provided the opportunity to design a building responsive to the social interaction of people otherwise isolated from the mainland, and respective of the wetlands and wildlife.

Phase I of a multi-phase addition to the Catholic school added 18,000 SF of space to serve both the school and greater parish.

The centerpiece at the ground level is a 500-seat auditorium/gymnasium.

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