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Clair County historic sites and buildings, mainly from ca. Bertram Atwater was a professional photographer from Chicago, hired to take PR photos of the new Union Station.he was murdered in Webster groves in 1896, in a hold up. Additional images of Mexico, late 19th to early 20th century.Audrain County Historical Society Photograph Collection, (P0362) 1 folder 20 color slides of interior and exterior of A. Bacon-Defoe Cemetery Restoration Photographs,(P0929) 24 photographs Original photos used in publication "Bacon-De Foe Cemetery Restoration, St.

Bannister, Charles, Photograph Collection, (S0583) 1 folder, 30 photographs The Charles Bannister Photograph Collection contains 30 photographs of African American and the Lamb Club. L., Photograph Collection, (P0653) 4 photographs Photos of Ironton: Centennial Marker, St.

Anderson, Lucile, Photograph Collection, (P0479) 6 photographs Photos of Christian County monuments and sites. Anheuser-Busch Inc., Photographs, (P0303) 1 folder Various photos of Anheuser-Busch company and grounds. 1920s, (R1306) 1 item This is a 7 ½" x 23 ½ ", black & white panoramic photograph of "Ground Crew, Anna-Beaver Field Shaft No. Annegan, Charles, Photograph Collection, (P0192) 2 photographs Photos of a train accident near Collins, MO, ca 1900, and employees of the Missouri Pacific Railroad, Kansas City, 1910.

Anderson, Frank, Photographs, (P0968) 2 photographs Photos of Missouri's Confederate Capitol and Governor's Mansion in Marshall, TX Anderson Photo Company Photograph Collection, 1911-ca. Anschuetz, Robert, Postcard Collection, (P0423) 5 postcards Postcards of the University of Missouri, Columbia Antonio, James F., Portrait, (P0267) 1 photograph One print of James F. Armstrong, Argentina Quesada, Photographs, (P0268) 12 photographs Twelve snapshot color photos taken in 1965 of Armenia, Colombia, South America (sister city of Columbia, Missouri).

Barnitz, George Alan (1936- ), Barnitz family photographs, ca.

1910-1980s, (R1296) 43 photographs (1 folder) This collection consists of twenty-three black and white and twenty color photographs that were loaned for scanning.

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