Fort nelson dating

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He’s not trying to change anyone’s mind, he says, or convert them to new political beliefs.But he hopes that some people will feel motivated to go out and do something – anything – to make them feel as if they are doing their part.Upstairs, there’s a breakfast bar with glittering digital turntables, while about ten half-naked men and women partake in varying degrees of petting on mattresses laid out on the floor.A fit, shirtless dude smokes a joint and observes that the NSFW parties here at the Clubhouse are “a great place to be free.” Later in the night, he’ll be scampering about in boxers, and a little while after that he’ll be buck-naked.“The best thing about America is that you get multiple chances at life,” Mc Cray chuckles.“So, I took another chance.” Mc Cray went back to school and got a degree at the age of 43, then spent ten years as a recreation therapist, working with alcoholics and addicts – something he felt called to do.ost days, 74-year-old Gale Mc Cray putters around Fort Worth, Texas, doing odd jobs and errands – like delivering cookie bouquets – for extra cash.

Now, the sign he holds for at least two hours per day in front of passing cars and curious eyes is the result of a tipping point. The downhome, country phrase written in big, black letters on the sign just popped into his head, Mc Cray says.

And that’s kind of how I felt.” Mc Cray maintains that he isn’t political.

He isn’t angry and he isn’t trying to make a grandiose statement.

Reclined on a leather sofa nearby, snuggling with his boyfriend while wearing studded Converse sneakers, a leather kilt, a black pirate ship captain’s jacket and a decorative crown of gold, is NSFW’s founder Daniel Saynt.

Big and bearded, Saynt’s been mellow all night, opting to take in the reverie around him instead of dancing through the crowded apartment like some of his guests.

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