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We need to create an environment where process innovation is the norm. Most libraries are doing digital “projects” rather than digital “programs.” All digital efforts should include preservation planning. The goal of searching is getting people to related “stuff.” Systems being developed now should support the way people search.

Searching should be able to support exploration across data type boundaries: facet where metadata exists; cluster where it doesn’t.

But what of the other light; the light that informs, is a realization, is an idea.

We, as an association, deal in light, but we do not think of it as such.

It is the very nature of an association like ALCTS to spread light into, shed light on, enlighten, highlight, light a pathway, and be a source of light.

It is also the very nature of ALCTS to be light (as in nimble or having nimble-osity or nimbility) with a touch of light (as in not serious).

She also chaired the ALA Constitution and Bylaws Committee in 2000.In listening to our colleagues in RUSA, YALSA, and LAMA, the concerns about whether we will continue to be relevant are consistent and urgent.If that is the bad news, the good news is that we are the masters of our own fates (at least if we let ourselves take on that role.) A particularly encouraging survey of the intellectual lay of the land was present in the ALCTS pre-conference, “Definitely Digital: An Exploration of the Future of Knowledge on the Occasion of the ALCTS 50th Anniversary.” Herewith are some random thoughts that percolated to the surface in Seattle, mostly from the ALCTS pre-conference but also from some other moments: The structure of libraries will continue to undergo chaotic, continuous change.We talk about informing people, transferring information, but what we are doing is to bring light to someone.We do this by providing opportunities for people to learn, interact, read, consider, think, and be inspired.

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