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I joined the Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur course and it's a simple course that goes over the very basics of entrepreneurship, the psychology and framework to keep trying until something sticks.

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I’m sure there are other Marcin in Germany, France and so one who would love to help you - “If you help me reach 100k downloads this month I will run naked over the Bat Bridge” that’s just a suggestion.

Try to imagin: 5k of us in one time watching your FBlive, and than you ask us “pls share this FBlive” 80% will do it in a seconds.

I've been kind of swearing off listening to yet another interview with a business dude, because I've kind of overdone it (with lesser mortals).

But I wanted to enter your contest, shameless admission, and I had to walk the dog, and the only new podcasts on my phone are political, and I just needed a fricking break today from any political antics.

According to FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), 4,467 people reported being the victim of such crimes in 2012.

I left a review - told my peeps about you - and I'm excited to hear all your podcasts!

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I ended up face to face with a sign I have never ever seen before, a not-new sign warning of hunters (bow and arrow and guns).

We can do transcriptions and translations for polish language.

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    Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any spécifie use of any spécifie book is allowed. Kr6ek w swej praej nic nie zrobił dla rozjaśnienia tego punku polskiej gmmat^ więc — o ile to można zrobid bez wielkich zachodów — ram się ja to zagadnienie zamiast niego posunąe nieco napr Przedewszystkim trzeba stwierdztć, Î/B ogólnikowe efarona logiczne ujęcie stosunku 'ir{z): *êr{à) w tym sensie, ze pierws ^) t z. Kiusania Gniąz 17), że niektóre wyrazy jednak już od najdaw^ nieja^ych es&sów wykazują '^^\ nietylko nie wystarcza, ale jv$X nawet fałszywe. do r, 1285 wynotowałem: Dzirhjkraj^ Dzirzęk {Dirncmm his 1146 nr. 368, dziś W^rz€ka^ bo była oboczna nazwa, tosamo znacząca, Wt^szerzeka; firchuie 1210 nr. 537; Virł^ 1236 nn 1^2, Virheez 1282 w transsumpcie z r. Kilka innych przykładów (nie wszystkie pewne) z er znaj- dzie czytelnik u Nehringa PF.

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    How do you get a guy to treat you like priority instead of an option?

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    Other major towns include Temerloh, Bentong and its hills resorts of Genting Highlands and Bukit Tinggi.