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My cousin private messaged me and was like "I went to RCS with Heughan,remember? Many UK fans I befriended early know it and shared that information.

" , I didn't because my cousin isn't in the acting/directing game anymore and is now working as a "civilian", so I'd completely forgotten he went to the Conservatoire as its now called. They have family and friends who work on Outlander. Even though crew/production/cast sign NDAs they do share gossip with people they are close too who wont talk openly.

I commented that I thought he was lovely and he'd have to intro me when I was next in Scotland (I was saying this jokingly, I'm married.) and he replied "Sorry to burst your bubble, gorgeous as you are, I don't think you've got what he's looking for if you know what I mean..."[quote]" And he was like "He's gay. I'm sure he's photographed with women, I've seen him around home with women. Back then everything was more accessible but once the show premiered. It’s like a protective shield around Sam to help him keep it a secret. More recently, I found out that the brother of my fiance best friend hooked up with Sam in drama school.

It was in the context of a casual discussion when both the brother and my guy were both in a Barbour store together.

Enough of the pantomime, Sam (she's right behind you! You're losing credibility each time you play along. R13 I liked the premiere and thought it a strong start to what I hope is a promising season.

If you're not interested in it or its subject, look at other threads.God forbid anyone think the gals linked with Sam aren't his girlfriends and talk about how it looks like a stunt.Between this chick and Camuso, Starz and Allen are really ramping up harassment of people who don't support the bearding.Smells like desperation 💩💩Looks like Purv who is the fake journo and a PR shill is harassing anyone who has information on or believes Sam is gay.Seems she's saying no one should say that Sams girlfriends are really a PR stunt and to be supportive because with this current one he loves her very much.

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