Late 1950s dating habits

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But for the rest of us who have to find our antiques at garage sales and thrift stores, being armed with as much knowledge about the past as possible helps us to identify just how old that deviled egg pan really is.First we need to think about the actual usage of the dinnerware piece.Neighbors and friends would often host each other, which led to the invention of the chip ‘n dip set.1950-1970In the 1950s, homes began combining the living room and dining room into the same space.This lack of space led to buffet style serving dishes such as casseroles. Grilling outdoors started to gain in popularity, which led to new inventions like tongs.Floral borders carried the torch for classic design, but the solid colors made it easier for people to buy their dinnerware in pieces, with mix-and-match, individual style.1940-1950The forties were a revolutionary decade in many ways and dinnerware was no exception.All types of modern shapes were being experimented with.Cream white or ivory sets with elaborate gilding were common.

All types of dinnerware throughout the 20th century were emblazoned with themes from movies, books and television.

Mexican and Hawaiian themes were popular in the 1940s.

Disney pieces also first became popular in the 1940s.

Because eating habits changed so drastically from 1900 to 1999 it can be easy to tell by learning a little bit about how families ate together in different decades.

Also, dinnerware manufacturers stuck to standards and changes happened gradually over time.

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