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While that’s a major improvement compared to the company’s existing supercharger network, it’s still not as fast as the fueling islands slinging diesel at roadside truck stops.

We all know about "gay" creative professions like fashion, interior design, acting that typically attracts a disproportionately high amount of gay men in the field.

“At Anheuser-Busch, we are constantly seeking new ways to make our supply chain more sustainable, efficient, and innovative,” said James Sembrot, senior director of logistics strategy, in a press release.

“This investment in Tesla semi-trucks helps us achieve these goals while improving road safety and lowering our environmental impact.” However, it’s not just beer companies buying Tesla’s truck. Hunt, DHL, and Ryder have also placed orders with Tesla.

He thought it would be like a porn movie, but he said that it was super disappointing and a lot of work.

Just like most mainstream public cruising spots have disappeared, many of the truck stop ones have, too.

When you’re selling the self-professed “King of Beers,” you’re going to want to transport them in a style befitting of royalty.

The news was heavily promoted by the company, which had previously expressed an interest in autonomous shipping applications.

my trucker bf was home that night and drove all the way there to rescue me.

living on the road is tough but to me its worth it as long as i have my sexy trucker boyfriend.

But customers willing to spend 0,000 can have a version with a 500-mile range.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk claims the trucks should be available by 2019 and that the company will begin deploying “megachargers” that can can resupply enough energy for 400 miles of travel in around 30 minutes.

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