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…The UK Trident system is highly dependent, and for some purposes completely dependent, on the larger US system.

The assembling of information available in the USA, but kept secret in Britain, by John Ainslie in his 2005 report The Future of the British bomb, shows how extensive this dependency is.

Less than a year ago, in April 2015, the BBC was reporting a total Trident system cost of £17.5 – £23.4 billion, most of which, £12.9 – £16.4 billion, would go on the four nuclear submarines.

But now the subs are costed at £31 billion, with a £10 billion contingency.

It said the Foreign Office had doubled funding for global human rights and democracy projects to £10.6m, and “human rights, democratic values and strengthening the rules-based international system are vital and integral parts of the FCO’s work.” Justice Minister Dominic Raab, said: “It is irresponsible for any campaign group to criticise our proposals before they’ve seen them.

Amnesty have already been told our plans involve the UK remaining in the European Convention, so this scaremongering undermines their own credibility.” A government spokesman said Britain was committed to finding a comprehensive solution to deal with the causes of the migration crisis and not just its consequences.

On Tuesday David Mepham, the director of Human Rights Watch, told the foreign affairs select committee that there had been a deprioritisation and a lack of political commitment to human rights at the top of the Foreign Office.

He claimed Hammond regarded human rights activists as naive and was more focused on security.

of the UK and the US – in effect threatening that without Trident, that special relationship would be weakened.Why does Britain feel any need at all to be in possession of nuclear weapons with many hundreds of times the destructive power of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs?And why did Ash Carter, the US Defense Secretary, find it necessary to intervene in the UK’s internal political debate on the issue earler this month?The evidence continues: The fact that, in theory, the British Prime Minister could give the order to fire Trident missiles without getting prior approval from the White House has allowed the UK to maintain the façade of being a global military power.In practice, though, it is difficult to conceive of any situation in which a Prime Minister would fire Trident without prior US approval.

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