Pond of fish dating

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The more fish you hook, the more you can observe and decide whether you throw it back or keep it.

After all, if it is a really good catch, you will only need that catch to keep you satisfied.

Time to take the fish in the sea metaphor to a new level. If you can’t really be bothered the trip and have a small pond outside your place, you will have to realize that the small pond will not have a vast amount of choice.

No longer are you limiting yourself to the pond and have found the river and nearby ponds. Hearing about your friends with their succesful relationships and trying to find someone for yourself can be harder than people think.Challenging Tinder conversations that don’t result in anything, blind dates, ghosting; there are many ways to feel discouraged.In this case, you will probably end up settling for a fish you wouldn’t have accepted if you had more choice.And no, that didn’t happen because you aren’t sexy/attractive/awesome enough.

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