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The second study, described below, took this approach.

Can television play a more positive role in promoting adolescent sexual awareness?

The other study examined television’s potential as a tool for educating teens about sexual risks and safe behavior.

Funded by the Kaiser Family Foundation, it examined the effect on teenage viewers of a particular episode of a popular sitcom () that dealt with condom efficacy.

During the episode, one of the main characters (Rachel) reveals that she is pregnant, even though she and another character (Ross) used a condom during intercourse.

The show gave specific information about condom-efficacy rates, noting that they are successful 95% of the time.

It is widely believed that TV plays a role in hastening the initiation of sexual activity in teens.The results showed that heavy exposure to sexual content on television related strongly to teens’ initiation of intercourse or their progression to more advanced sexual activities (such as “making out” or oral sex) apart from intercourse in the following year.Youths who viewed the greatest amounts of sexual content were two times more likely than those who viewed the smallest amount to initiate sexual intercourse during the following year (see figure) or to progress to more-advanced levels of other sexual activity.The first RAND study, funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, examined this issue.Analysts surveyed a national sample of households containing an adolescent from 12 to 17 years old.

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