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Our favorite part is feeling the life-like hair in your hands when you play with them. We try to add new ones whenever we stumble across them because these sex doll heads are great toys, and some of the most fun men's sex toy currently available. They can be affixed to a table or flat surface which let's you thrust into their mouth cavity without reservation.

v=1515720167" data-srcset=" // v=1515720167 240w, // v=1515720167 480w, // v=1515720167 600w, // v=1515720167 800w, // v=1515720167 900w, // You'll find the best from Pipedream Products - like the one pictured here - but other manufacturers are starting to get in on the game as well. Here's a great video from Pipedream Products illustrating just how amazing sex doll heads are. We hope to see more and more of these, with more and more variety in the faces and hair in the future. Pipedream Products is one of the world's most popular sex toy makers. Erectile Dysfunction affects most men at some time in their lives, and for some it is more than just a temporary problem.Bathmate helps with these problems, and improves the lives of virtually all who use it.

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