Sex using internal cameras

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But if you use the FLIR Scout TS-Series handheld thermal imaging camera these camouflaged animals stand out quite clearly in the thermal image.” Costantini discovered that there’s more wildlife in his area than he had expected.“Because most wildlife has very good camouflage many of them remain undetected if you use traditional means such as binoculars or light amplifying vision systems.“With a thermal imaging camera hunters and wildlife enthusiasts can more effectively find the young animals hiding in the hay and remove them from the danger zone before the mowing begins.” Like all thermal imaging cameras the FLIR Scout TS-Series handheld thermal imaging cameras rely on emitted heat instead of light to create an image.The thermal imaging detector records minute differences in the heat emission and the thermal imaging camera then translates that information into a visible image.

“Until a few years ago, a thermal imaging camera would cost more than a midsize car”, explains Costantini.

Instead, the two faces are coated to provide mirror surfaces.

The two opposite transmitting faces are often coated with an antireflection coating to reduce spurious reflections.

Many animals are mostly active at night, using the cover of darkness to remain undetected, but they will not be able to hide in the dark any longer if you have a FLIR Scout TS-Series handheld thermal imaging camera.

All warm blooded animals will show up clearly in the thermal image, in total darkness and in practically all weather conditions.

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