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It won’t help if you use Chrome or Firefox, or if you happen to have a Windows or Android device in addition to your Apple gear.

Next I looked for apps that support all the major platforms and browsers.

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I’ve been writing about computer security and privacy for over a decade, and I’ve researched and tested password managers extensively as part of that process.It also includes an incredibly handy feature called Auto Change Password that works with about 80 popular sites—you can change your password both on the site and in Last Pass with just one click.You can organize your passwords into folders and search them easily, and the Premium version lets you share a folder full of passwords with family members or friends.It has all the essential features plus some handy extras, it works with virtually any browser on any device, and most of its features are free.(A Premium version, which costs only per year, adds advanced security features, a shared folder, and other useful tools.) Once you create a master password for Last Pass, you’ve made the only password you’ll need to unlock all your other secure data—usernames and passwords, credit cards, secure notes (including attachments, such as images and PDFs), contact information, software licenses, and so on.

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