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I was actually kind of serious, but I wasn’t sure if he would be. At that point I could tell he was serious about it, but didn’t think 2017 was the timeline we were talking about.Then we spoke after Australia and he asked for a dinner Friday in China and I said “hey, about that Indy thing” and he said “that’s exactly why I want to do dinner and discuss”.And so, ultimately on that direction Jonathan Neale and I work very closely together.And when this opportunity came along it really started off with me and Fernando kind of joking around about it. We then had a breakfast with Honda and he told them of his desire to race at Indianapolis and ultimate try to win the triple crown.We went to the executive committee and checked in with Eric to see what he thought of the idea. We’ve won Indianapolis three times, we won Le Mans, we won Can Am, we’re now doing batteries for Formula E in the future and I think the Mc Laren brand is raced all over the world in all sorts of different formulas and as the executive committee said, if we can go win, if it’s commercially viable and it fits the Mc Laren brand, we’re all a bunch of racers, so let’s go racing.The executive committee blessed it and Saturday morning Fernando said ‘let’s do it’ and then we ran pretty hard for 72 hours to make it happen. I think that is what we will see Mc Laren continue to do. Christian, first of all, long run pace today looked pretty promising.

And through a lot of skunkwork, because I really didn’t want any rumours getting out there, in case it wouldn’t happen, which I thought would be the case, and we were able to put it together.He’s growing and growing and that’s what makes him so exciting and personally I think we’ve got the most exciting driver line-up in Formula One at the moment and it’s great to see the guys really pushing each other hard and racing like they did last weekend. Claire, first of all, congratulations on your baby news; that really will be a first for a Formula One team boss? Tell us a little bit about the background of that and also what influence Paddy Lowe has had and your expectations of him.CW: There hasn’t been a massive overhaul; we still have most people in play.Q: Slightly tricky start to the season – over a second off the pace initially, podium for Max in China – but we’re hearing that there’s a radically or updated car planned for your team in Spain, according to some comments from your team today. CH: I think that all the teams are developing hard and the first real acid point tends to be the start of the European season and we’re no different.I’m sure several teams are targeting Barcelona with various update packages and we’re no different. Q: Finally, it’s not yet 12 months since Max Verstappen came to your team.

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