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Additional questions that should be asked when validating the job specifications include: “In specific terms, what functions must be properly performed by this employee in order for them to produce the desired results?” “Which of these functions are critical or essential and which are supportive?

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” “As the manager, how do you measure whether or not these critical functions are being properly performed?Specifically what outcomes must be achieved through the position within what time frame and against what performance standards.Also included should be the critical functions (duties, responsibilities) that must be properly performed in order for the employee to produce the desired results.He wasn’t certain how to answer my question because he was not familiar with the term “validating the job description.” This did not surprise me as, over the years, I have met thousands of Recruiters who were not familiar with the term or its application.As a result, they frequently ended up working searches/job orders that were unrealistic at best and nearly impossible to fill at their worst.

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