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We've hooked it up to a nice 55" Samsung 4K HDR TV and we love using it for watching/casting You Tube videos, streaming Plex from our server, and playing a few games.I'm fixated on Riptide Renegade while the Mr is all about Sky Force Anniversary now.UPDATE: The vmware runtime fix shown here has not worked since version 12.5.6, and the solution is in a later article: p=1992 I have recently updated one crash-and-burn system to Fedora 26 (alpha/testing) and have encountered two problems with VMware and the ‘bleeding edge’ version of GCC included.. The second problem was with the ‘automated’ compilation of the VMware modules, and none of the usual methods worked.For something so tiny (you should really see how small it is), it does provide countless options for entertainment and I'd pick this Android TV box any day over other streaming set-top boxes or gaming consoles — as you might have guessed from our title choices, we're casual, albeit easily addicted, gamers.But at 9.99, the SHIELD TV isn't easy to justify.

If you go into sounds, and the playback tab on the right side.If I go #2 (NVIDIA) and select PROPERTIES and then CONTROLLER INFORMATION PROPERTIES it shows it as DEVICE IS WORKING PROPERLYyep. I can watch & hear everything (I stream by XBMC to it) & the HDMI is the input (or I wouldn't have anything on it; there is no other input going in). I have put in a HDMI splitter so I get the picture on the bedroom TV too but same problem (obviously) - picture but no sound.I have tried disconnecting splitter & connecting TV directly but still no sound so its not the splitter.Right click on the HDMI Output and click "Set as Default Device".All your audio should be played back to your tv again. I did that but the only things in the list are: 1) Headphones; 2) LCD-32K30TD NVIDIA HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO (lists jack information as HDMI) & 3) SPEAKERS HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO. #2 is "enabled" but is greyed with a little red arrow (as opposed the the green tick next to #3) and it says "not plugged in" but the HDMI cable definately is in as I have picture and #3 seems to the the computer and is active and volume changes etc affect it.

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